Your question is — what is the rainiest month in Madrid Spain?

The rainiest month in Madrid, Spain is typically October.

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The rainiest month in Madrid, Spain is typically October, with an average rainfall of 59mm. However, it should be noted that Madrid is known for its dry climate, with an average of only 435mm of rainfall per year.

According to National Geographic, Madrid’s dry climate is due to its location in the Iberian Peninsula, which is shielded from moisture-bearing winds by the surrounding mountains. In fact, Madrid is the driest capital city in Europe, with lower rainfall than even Athens or Istanbul.

Despite its dry climate, Madrid has experienced some extreme weather events in recent years, including heavy snowfall in January 2021 that brought the city to a standstill. The city’s infrastructure was not built to handle such extreme weather, leading to travel delays and power outages.

As for Madrid’s rainy season, October is not only the rainiest month but also marks the start of autumn in the city. As the leaves change colors and fall to the ground, Madrid’s parks and gardens take on a new beauty. As famed Spanish poet Antonio Machado wrote in his poem “A un olmo seco” (To a Dry Elm Tree), “Autumn has come to the garden / Rustling the leaves.”

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To give a more detailed overview of the average monthly rainfall in Madrid, below is a table based on data from World Weather Online:

Month Average rainfall (mm)
January 33
February 35
March 32
April 47
May 52
June 29
July 14
August 14
September 27
October 59
November 50
December 42

In conclusion, while Madrid may be known for its dry climate, October is typically the rainiest month in the city. As an anonymous Spanish proverb says, “En octubre, el agua al cubo.” (In October, the water [falls] by the bucket.)

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The rainy period of the year lasts for 9.9 months, from September 4 to July 2, with a sliding 31-day rainfall of at least 0.5 inches. The month with the most rain in Madrid is October, with an average rainfall of 1.8 inches. The rainless period of the year lasts for 2.1 months, from July 2 to September 4.

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In which season does most rainfall in Madrid?

Response to this: In late August and in September, the temperatures drop significantly. In October, temperatures are mild, while in November, it tends to be cold and rainy. The last two months of the year are generally the wettest. The average temperature goes from 15 ºC in October to 7ºC in December.

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Does Madrid have a rainy season?

Answer to this: Madrid sees an average of 63 rainy days per year. The spring and fall tend to be the rainiest seasons, and summer is the driest.

What is the best month to go to Madrid?

Answer to this: The best time to visit Madrid is in the fall (September to November) or spring (March to May), when balmy temps blow through the city, making it come alive. But if you don’t mind drab weather and a rather listless Madrid, visit in the winter when hotels reduce their rates.

What month does it rain the most in Spain?

Response: The wettest months in Spain are from September through to January with November (119mm) and December (112mm) seeing the most rain. April can also be quite wet with around 96mm. As a rule of thumb, the further north you are towards the Atlantic coast, the more rain you are going to get.

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