You asked — what do you call a female musician in Spanish?

A female musician in Spanish is called “músico” or “música.”

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In Spanish, a female musician can be referred to as “músico” or “música,” with the latter being the more commonly used term. This aligns with Spanish language conventions where words ending in “-o” denote masculinity and words ending in “-a” denote femininity.

According to a quote by Cuban-American singer-songwriter Gloria Estefan, “Music is the universal language of mankind – female or male, everyone loves a good melody and beat that they can dance to.” Therefore, it is important to recognize and celebrate the contributions of female musicians to the global music scene.

Here is a table of some famous female musicians in the Spanish-speaking world:

Name Country Genre
Shakira Colombia Pop, Rock, Latin
Rosalía Spain Flamenco, pop
Natalia Lafourcade Mexico Latin, Folk
Ana Tijoux Chile Hip-hop, Jazz
Julieta Venegas Mexico Pop, Indie
Mon Laferte Chile Latin, Rock
Bebe Spain Pop, Latin

Interestingly, in recent years, there has been a rise in the representation of female musicians in Latin America. According to a report by Billboard, “at least 13 women scored No. 1s (on the Latin Airplay chart in 2019), their success highlighting not only the market’s potential for women but also the diversification of Latin music beyond the reggaeton sound.”

In conclusion, female musicians in Spanish can be referred to as “músico” or “música,” and their contributions to the world of music are significant and noteworthy. As Gloria Estefan said, music truly is a language that transcends gender and unites people across the globe.

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It would be "la música".

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In this video, the speaker begins by wishing all the moms a happy Mother’s Day and dedicating the episode to his own mother and godmother. He then tells a joke and asks viewers to ponder what a female Mexican musician is commonly referred to as. The punchline of the joke is “a mariachi-wa.” The video concludes with the speaker expressing his affection for someone named Mary.

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singer el/la cantante
male macho
or o
female la mujer la hembra

Keeping this in consideration, What is musician in English to Spanish?

Principal Translations
Inglés Español
musician n (performer) músico, música nm, nf
Besides working as a waitress, Amanda was also a musician.
Además de trabajar como camarera, Amanda era música.

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  1. volume_up. alumna.
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