What is another word for lazy in spanish?

Another word for lazy in Spanish is “perezoso” or “holgazán”.

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Another word for lazy in Spanish is “perezoso” or “holgazán.” Laziness is often associated with a lack of motivation or effort, leading to delayed or incomplete tasks. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, laziness is not just a lack of willpower but can be related to one’s personality traits and even their biology.

Famous author Ernest Hemingway once said, “Never mistake motion for action,” highlighting the difference between being busy and being productive. While laziness may seem unproductive, it is essential to take breaks and rest to recharge one’s mind and body.

Here are some interesting facts about laziness:

  • In ancient Greece, there was a word for extreme laziness, “akedia,” which was considered a deadly sin.
  • Sloths are known for their sluggishness and are one of the laziest animals on Earth.
  • In Japanese culture, there is a term “karoshi,” which translates to “overwork death,” relating to the high number of deaths caused by overworking and not taking breaks.

Below is a table of different ways to say lazy in various languages:

Language Word for lazy
Spanish perezoso/holgazán
French paresseux/fainéant
German faul
Italian pigro
Russian ленивый (lenivy)
Japanese 怠け者 (namakemono)
Korean 게으른 (ge-eureun)

You might discover the answer to “What is another word for lazy in Spanish?” in this video

In a video titled “How Do You Say ‘I’m Lazy’ In Spanish,” retired Spanish teacher Marissa explains that “soy perez” is the way to say “I’m lazy” in Spanish for the masculine form, while “soy perezosa” is used for the feminine. She encourages viewers to practice these phrases and subscribe to her channel for more language learning videos.

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Subsequently, What is a synonym for lazy in Spanish? The answer is: Perezoso/a
Perezoso/a is probably the most neutral way of saying that someone is lazy. The word perezoso/a can work either as an adjective or as a noun, as almost all the other words in this list.

What is the Mexican slang word for lazy? Response: Huevón – Lazy / Slacker / Bum. Out of all the words from this list, huevón is the most informal option that you can use to say ‘lazy’ in Spanish. Since this is slang and for some people a vulgar word, you should only use it among your friends or family.

Also asked, What is a slang word for lazy person?
lounger. malingerer. ne’er-do-well. no-good. shirker.

Does flojo mean lazy?
"Flojo" is the common, "neutral" way of saying lazy in Mexico too.

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