Quick response to: is Spain bigger than France and Germany?

No, Spain is not bigger than France and Germany.

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Spain is not bigger than France and Germany. While Spain covers an area of approximately 505,990 square kilometers, France and Germany cover 643,801 square kilometers and 357,582 square kilometers, respectively. Therefore, France is considerably larger than Spain, while Germany is slightly smaller.

According to the World Bank, France has an estimated population of around 67 million people, making it the 21st most populous country in the world. Germany, on the other hand, is home to around 83 million people, making it the 19th most populous country. Spain, with approximately 47 million people, is the 30th most populous country.

As for interesting facts, France is famous for its cuisine, wine, art, and culture, and is the most visited country in the world, attracting over 89 million tourists annually. Germany is known for its engineering prowess, classical music, the Oktoberfest beer festival, and its Green Party, which has been instrumental in pushing for environmental policies. Spain, meanwhile, has a rich history, having been inhabited by the Iberians, Celts, Romans, Visigoths, and Moors, among others.

To visually compare the sizes of France, Germany, and Spain, here is a table:

Country Area (square kilometers) Population (estimated)
France 643,801 67 million
Germany 357,582 83 million
Spain 505,990 47 million

As the well-known quote goes, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts” by Mark Twain. Traveling to these three countries is a great way to broaden one’s horizons and learn more about different cultures.

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The video discusses Spain’s growing influence in the European Union despite economic and migrant crises, largely due to its lack of Euro-skepticism and pro-EU consensus across major parties. Spain has actively shaped important EU policies, including driving the EU’s energy policy, and has launched a new policy, Focus Africa 2023, to strengthen economic ties with Africa. Additionally, Spain has increased its influence in Latin America through cultural and linguistic ties and has organized aid for Venezuelan migrants. Spain’s commitment to the vision of Europe potentially puts it in a position to become a new power in Europe.

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Top 10 Largest Countries in Europe (by total area): France – 543,940 km² (210,020 mi²) Spain – 505,992 km² (195,365 mi²) Sweden – 450,295 km² (173,860 mi²) Germany – 357,114 km² (137,882 mi²)

In addition, people ask

Likewise, What is the 3 biggest country in Europe? France
European Countries by Area

# Country Total Area in km²
1 Russia 17,098,242 km²
2 Ukraine 603,500 km²
3 France 551,695 km²
4 Spain 505,992 km²

Additionally, Is Spain the 2nd biggest country in Europe? Answer: Spain is the second largest country by population in Western Europe following France, and the fourth largest country in the European continent following Russia, Ukraine, and France.

Furthermore, Is Spain the biggest country in Europe? By surface area, France is the largest EU country and Malta the smallest.

Also, What are the top 10 largest countries in Europe?
Answer: Total area of Europe is 10,180,000 km².

  • Russia (39.0%)
  • Ukraine (5.9%)
  • France (5.4%)
  • Spain (4.9%)
  • Sweden (4.4%)
  • Norway (3.8%)
  • Germany (3.5%)
  • Finland (3.3%)
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Is Spain bigger than Germany?
Spain is about 1.4 times bigger than Germany. Germany is approximately 357,022 sq km, while Spain is approximately 505,370 sq km, making Spain 42% larger than Germany. Meanwhile, the population of Germany is ~80.2 million people (30.1 million fewer people live in Spain).

Also Know, How big is Spain compared to France?
Spain is approximately 505,370 sq km, while France is approximately 551,500 sq km, making France 9% larger than Spain. Meanwhile, the population of Spain is ~47.2 million people (21.1 million more people live in France). This to-scale comparison of Spain vs. France uses the Mercator projection, which distorts the size of regions near the poles.

How big is Russia compared to Europe?
As an answer to this: The whole of Russia has a total land area of 17,098,242 square km, with 3,972,400 sq km of the country considered to be part of Europe. 77% of the total population of the country lives on the European side. Moscow is the capital city and is the largest city in Russia. 2. Ukraine – 605,628 sq km

Correspondingly, How big is Denmark compared to other countries? Including the Faroe Islands. 2,210,579 km 2 (853,509 sq mi) when including Greenland. Continental Denmark is 43,094 km 2 (16,639 sq mi) in area. Excluding Caribbean Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten. 42,531 km 2 (16,421 sq mi) when combined into the Kingdom of the Netherlands . 783,562 km 2 (302,535 sq mi) when including Asian territory.

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