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Barcelona is generally not very hot in February, with average temperatures ranging from 9°C to 16°C (48°F to 61°F), and occasional rainfall.

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Barcelona is a city that enjoys a Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild temperatures and moderate rainfall throughout the year. However, February is one of the coldest months of the year, with low temperatures ranging from 9°C to 11°C (48°F to 52°F) and high temperatures ranging from 13°C to 16°C (55°F to 61°F). Additionally, Barcelona experiences occasional rainfall during this month, with an average of 7 rainy days and a total precipitation of 40 mm.

According to the famous resource Lonely Planet, “February can be a good time to visit if you’re looking to avoid the crowds and score some good deals on flights and accommodation.” This is because February is considered low season, and consequently, tourists can enjoy shorter lines in popular attractions such as the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and Casa Batlló.

Interesting facts about Barcelona in February:

  • February 14th is Valentine’s Day, and Barcelona is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. Couples can enjoy a romantic stroll along the beach promenade or a candlelit dinner at one of the many restaurants in the city.

  • The city of Barcelona celebrates Carnaval in February, a vibrant event characterized by parades, music, and dancing in the streets. The main parade takes place on the last day of Carnaval, known as “Fat Tuesday” or “Mardi Gras”.

  • February is also the month of the Barcelona Beer Festival, a three-day event that brings together over 400 breweries from around the world. Visitors can taste a variety of craft beers and attend workshops and master classes on the art of brewing beer.

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Table: Average Temperature and Precipitation in Barcelona in February

High (°C) Low (°C) Precipitation (mm)
13°C 9°C 40 mm

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The video provides numerous suggestions for tourists looking to explore Barcelona during the winter months. Visitors can experience various cultural and holiday events, including Christmas markets, the Three Kings parade, and local traditions such as Caga Tio and Caganer. Additionally, tourists can try local delicacies like hot chocolate and churros or malindro cookies. Art lovers can take advantage of an art ticket for access to several museums, while adventure seekers can hit the slopes for skiing or try ice skating at various rinks. The city’s winter festivals, such as the San Antonio and Santa Alalia, offer a unique opportunity to experience local cultures. Finally, visitors can indulge in a traditional barbecue and try the local seasonal cuisine of calçots.

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What’s the Weather Like in February? The weather in February in Barcelona averages around a maximum of 15 ºC (about 60 ºF) during the daytime, dropping down to 9 ºC (about 48 ºF).

People also ask

Is February a good time to visit Barcelona?
Is February a good time to visit Barcelona? Yes! Though February can be slightly off-peak due to the chilly weather, it makes for a trip with less tourists. Spring being around the corner you can enjoy festivals and carnivals even in the cold weather.
Can you wear shorts in Barcelona in February?
Answer will be: We would not bother to pack shorts and short skirts in February as you will only get a couple of hours of mild weather at mid-day. Generally, we recommend that you pack a warm jacket or fleece, long trousers or skirt and a sweater or cardigan.
Is Barcelona nightlife good in February?
Answer will be: Barca seems like it’s a party city all year round! Best to catch it on the weekend starting Thursday. Some places are even the best on Sundays but you gotta be careful because other are closed Sunday throught Thursday!
Can you sunbathe in Barcelona in February?
February is a very cold and dry time for sunbathing in Barcelona, and not recommended. February is too cold for swimming in Barcelona for any length of time, unless you have a wetsuit. Consider visiting Barcelona in the months of June, July, August, September, for the best beach weather.

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