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Wedita doesn’t have a specific meaning in Spanish. It may be a made-up name or a misspelling of a Spanish word.

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“Wedita” is not a commonly used word or name in the Spanish language. It may be a made-up name or a misspelling of a Spanish word. The closest Spanish word that is phonetically similar to Wedita is “vendita,” which means “blessed” or “consecrated” in English.

Interestingly, when searching for the meaning of the name “Wedita” in popular baby name websites, it is often associated with Hindu or Indian origin and is said to mean “beautiful,” “calm,” or “wise.” It is unclear whether this meaning is valid or simply a cultural fusion of the name.

Famous singer and songwriter, Selena Gomez, has a song titled “Fetish” in which she uses the word “wedita” as a term of endearment. While it is possible that she coined a new meaning for the word, it is more likely that she used it as a made-up term to fit the song’s lyrics.

In short, Wedita does not have a specific meaning in Spanish and its origins and meanings are uncertain.

Wedita Possible Origins/Meanings
Made-up name
Misspelling of a Spanish word
Hindu or Indian origin meaning “beautiful,” “calm,” or “wise”
Coined with new meaning by Selena Gomez in song lyrics

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The official video for “Mi Linda Güerita” by El As de la Sierra portrays the singer declaring his love for a girl he grew up with, whom he saw in the orchard and has become the reason for his passion. Despite opposition, he is ready to defend their love and asks if she feels the same way about him and if she is willing to be with him.

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