Your request: how do you order another drink in Spanish?

To order another drink in Spanish, simply say “quiero otra bebida, por favor” (I want another drink, please) to the bartender or waiter.

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Ordering another drink in Spanish is easy and straightforward. To do so, you can simply say “quiero otra bebida, por favor” to the bartender or waiter. This translates to “I want another drink, please.”

In addition to this basic phrase, there are a few other ways you can order another drink in Spanish, depending on the context and your personal preference. For example, you could use:

  • “Me pones otra/o, por favor?” (Could you give me another, please?)
  • “¿Podría pedir otra bebida, por favor?” (Could I order another drink, please?)
  • “Otra ronda, por favor.” (Another round, please.)

It’s worth noting that the word for “drink” in Spanish can vary depending on what you’re ordering. For example, “bebida” is a general term that can be used for any type of drink, while “cerveza” is specifically for beer and “vino” is specifically for wine. You can use the correct term for your drink to be more specific in your order.

Here is a table with some common types of drinks and their Spanish translations:

English Spanish
Beer Cerveza
Wine Vino
Water Agua
Juice Jugo
Soda Refresco

As the famous saying goes, “Una cerveza, por favor” (One beer, please) is a classic way to order a drink in Spanish. Keep these phrases and vocabulary words in mind on your next trip to a Spanish-speaking country, and you’ll be able to confidently order another round at the bar.

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This video teaches viewers about Spanish food and drink words, covering a range of vocabulary including milk, wine, coffee, water, soft drinks, beer, cocktails, chicken, fish, steak, rice, french fries, and preparation methods such as roasting, frying, and raw. The video encourages viewers to practice their Spanish language skills and keep reviewing the video for more practice.

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-Customer: Buenas, quiero una cerveza por favor – Hi, I want a beer, please. Other useful phrases for ordering a drink in Spain are: Dos más, por favor – Two more, please. Use it when you want to order two more drinks of what you were having before.

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How do you order something to drink in Spanish?
The answer is: And if you’re among friends or family you might say me gustaria. Instead another way of asking is. Which means bring me a glass of water.
How do I order another drink?
When ordering mixed drinks, say the liquor type or brand name first and then what kind of mixer you’d like. For example: “I would like a rum and Coke, please.” “Two Bacardi and sodas, please.”
How do you order another beer in Spanish?
Response will be: 3. How to Order Beer in Spanish

  1. I want a beer please. – Quiero una cerveza por favor.
  2. One [size] of [brand] please.
  3. Do you have [brand]?
  4. Please bring me a [size] of [brand]. –
  5. Please bring me another one.
  6. Do you have beer on tap?
  7. What beer do you have on tap?
  8. Do you have [brand] on tap?
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How do you order a shot of alcohol in Spanish?
As a response to this: Chupitos (Shots)
When you want to order some shots in Spanish, you only need to use the phrase ‘un chupito de’ and then add a drink you are ordering. For example, if you want to order tequila, you simply say ‘un chupito de tequila. ‘

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