Your inquiry: can spouses work Spain?

Yes, spouses can work in Spain if they obtain the corresponding work permit or visa.

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Yes, spouses can work in Spain if they obtain the corresponding work permit or visa. In general, non-EU citizens will need a residence visa and work permit to work in Spain. The spouse of a non-EU citizen who has been granted a work permit may also apply for a work permit.

According to the Spanish Embassy in the US, the work permit application process for spouses usually takes around 30 days. The work permit will be tied to the duration of the original work permit granted to the spouse.

It is important to note that the job market in Spain can be competitive, with high unemployment rates in some areas. It may be helpful for spouses to network and seek out job opportunities before relocating to Spain.

In addition, the Spanish government has recently implemented a “Golden Visa” program which grants residency and work permits to non-EU citizens who invest significant sums of money in Spain. This program may be of interest to some spouses who are looking to work and live in Spain.

To summarize, the answer to the question “Can spouses work in Spain?” is yes, but it is important to obtain the necessary work permit or visa. The job market may be competitive, but opportunities do exist. As Pablo Picasso once said, “Work is a necessity for man. Man invented the alarm clock.”

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Here is a table summarizing the types of work permits available in Spain:

Type of Work Permit Description
Temporary Residence and Work Permit Issued to non-EU citizens who have secured a job offer in Spain
Independent Work Permit Issued to non-EU citizens who want to start their own business or work as a freelancer in Spain
Highly Qualified Professional Visa Issued to non-EU citizens who have a specific set of skills or education
Golden Visa Granted to non-EU citizens who invest a significant amount of money in Spain

Overall, there are a variety of options for spouses who want to work in Spain, but it is important to carefully research and plan before making the move.

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The topic of whether spouses can work under the Spanish digital Nomad visa is discussed in this video, with some community members suggesting that family members can indeed work under the visa, but uncertainties about taxation and working locally remain. It is recommended that individuals seek professional advice and join Spenguru’s Facebook groups for updates on visa requirements and regulations.

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Access to employment Your family members can work in Spain provided they can prove that they have obtained a work permit. Your spouse and children older than 16 years are allowed to work without applying for a work permit.

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Can I work in Spain if I am married to a Spanish citizen?

If it is accepted, all the foreign spouse has to do is to get their residence card, a process that includes fingerprint taking. This Spanish residence permit is valid for five years and allows the spouse to work under the same conditions as a Spaniard, both as self-employed or an employee.

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Can US citizens work in Spain?

Answer to this: You will need to first apply for a visa to enter Spain, then a residence permit to stay long-term, and then a self-employed work permit.

Can the spouse of an EU citizen work in Europe?

The reply will be: The right to live, work and enjoy social benefits in any EU member state is granted not only to EU citizens themselves but also to their family members, even if they do not have European citizenship.

Can I work in Spain with a family visa?

As a response to this: Are My Family Members Allowed to Work With a Family Visa? Family members of the applicant are allowed to work in Spain on a Family visa if they obtain a work permit. However, spouses and children older than 16 can work without applying for a work permit.

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