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Yes, US citizens can travel to Spain, but they may face entry restrictions and quarantine requirements due to COVID-19.

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Yes, US citizens can travel to Spain, but they may face entry restrictions and quarantine requirements due to COVID-19.

According to the US Embassy in Spain, non-essential travel from the US to Spain remains restricted, however, certain categories of travelers are being allowed to enter the country. These categories include Spanish citizens and residents, EU citizens and residents, students with long-term visas, and some essential workers.

Those who are permitted to enter Spain must fill out a health control form and undergo a temperature check upon arrival. Additionally, travelers from high-risk areas may be required to present a negative COVID-19 test result or undergo a quarantine period upon arrival.

It is important to note that the situation regarding travel restrictions can change quickly, so travelers should check with their airline and the US Embassy in Spain for the most up-to-date information before planning a trip.

As travel begins to resume amidst the pandemic, it is crucial to follow guidelines and prioritize safety. As travel expert Rick Steves says, “The most important element of a great journey is not where you go, but who you meet along the way.”

Here is a table summarizing the entry requirements for travelers from various countries:

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Country Entry requirements
United States Non-essential travel restricted, certain categories of travelers allowed with restrictions
United Kingdom Allowed with restrictions, must present negative COVID-19 test result and quarantine for 10 days
Canada Allowed with restrictions, must present negative COVID-19 test result
Australia Not allowed for non-essential purposes
New Zealand Not allowed for non-essential purposes
European Union countries Allowed with restrictions, each country sets their own regulations

Overall, while travel to Spain is technically allowed for US citizens, it is important to carefully consider the entry requirements and potential risks before making travel plans.

The YouTuber shares her experience flying into Spain during COVID-19 and provides tips for travelers. She recommends flying into Madrid or Barcelona and obtaining a QR code on spth.gob before traveling to avoid being denied boarding. She also notes that masks are required but not always enforced. Travelers should prepare for long lines at train stations and security checks and arrive early to avoid missing their flight. The information provided is current as of June 22nd, 2022, and travelers should double-check regulations before traveling.

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Which COVID test is needed for Spain? There are no travel restrictions for Spain at present.

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Can a US citizen travel to Spain?
Answer: US citizens enjoy visa-free travel to Spain. As such, US citizens do not need a visa to go to Spain. Currently there is no Spain Visa for US citizens, unless you’re a US Green Card Holder.
What are the travel restrictions to Spain from the US?
Response: -Negative COVID test: A negative Nucleic Acid Amplification test (PCR, TMA, LAMP, NEAR, etc.) taken within 72 hours of departure for Spain, or a negative rapid antigen test (RAT) taken within 24 of departure for Spain, will be accepted.
Are there any COVID restrictions for Spain?
As a response to this: There is no requirement to quarantine when arriving to Spain.
Do you need to be vaccinated to go into Spain?
Response to this: 1. COVID-19 vaccination certificate, which must meet the following requirements: Have completed the last recommended dose of vaccination at least 14 days before traveling to Spain.

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