What are you asking – is it worth visiting Spain in December?

Yes, it can be worth visiting Spain in December as there are many Christmas markets and festive events to experience, and the weather can be milder in southern regions such as Andalusia.

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Spain is definitely worth a visit in December for those who enjoy festive events and markets. From the canary islands to the mountains of the Pyrenees, traditional events and modern markets alike offer something for everyone. The warmer southern regions of Spain, such as Andalusia, offer mild weather and plenty of outdoor activities for those who enjoy exploring the countryside. With so much to experience in December, it’s no wonder Spain is such a popular destination during this time of year.

According to GoEuro.com, “Spain has Christmas Markets that are some of the most impressive in all Europe.” The Christmas season in Spain is a time for many traditional events and celebrations, such as the multi-day Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and the Epiphany Day, which is the day on which the three wise men arrived in Bethlehem. During this time, large gatherings of family and friends gather for feasting, drinks, and the exchange of gifts.

Famous for its food, Spain during December is no different with the celebration of delicious Christmas foods like turrón, a type of nougat traced back to the 15th century. In addition, the Christmas lights are up, the cities are decorated, and Christmas carols fill the air in every town.

Here is a list of interesting fact about Spain in December:

  • Spain is well known for its Christmas markets and unique nativity scenes.
  • The festive season in Spain also involves plenty of fireworks, which are used to celebrate religious events such as the Immaculate Conception.
  • The start of December in Spain is marked by the feast day of ‘San Nicolas,’ which involves the giving of small gifts or sweets to children.
  • The Canary Islands, which are located off the coast of Africa, are a popular December destination due to their consistently warm climate.
  • The Basque Country holds the tradition of ‘Olentzero,’ a mythical figure who is believed to come down from the mountains on Christmas Eve to deliver presents to children.
  • Barcelona’s La Rambla transforms into a Christmas market, featuring more than 300 stalls selling all things festive.
  • In Madrid, ice skating dominates the holidays, with an outdoor rink located in the central Plaza Mayor.
  • Spain’s second largest city, Barcelona, celebrates Christmas Eve by lighting up the sky with one of the biggest firework displays in Europe.
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In summary, there are many reasons to visit Spain during December. From the mild weather to the festive events, and the delicious Christmas foods, the country offers something for everyone. As Charles Dickens said “I have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” So come to Spain in December, make your holiday dreams come true and witness the most wonderful time of the year!

Location Temperature (Average)
Andalusia 16°C
Barcelona 9°C
Madrid 6°C
Pyrenees -1°C

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A travel expert recommends visiting Spain during the winter shoulder season as it offers cost savings on airfare and accommodation. Barcelona in December offers various activities, such as Christmas markets, open parks, and museums, with fewer tourists. Spain is affordable, and day trips can be taken via train, making it an incredible destination for winter travel.

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Whether you’re in the mood to sample local cuisines or you want to attend an annual event, visiting the cities and countryside villages of Spain is still worth it in December.

Spain is calling your name. The best part about visiting Spain in December is the unique mixture of traditional holiday charm with everything you may already know and love about Spanish culture. And while some travelers take advantage of their holiday breaks to visit, December is generally considered low season in Spain.

If yes, Spain in December is the ultimate choice for you to spend your Christmas vacation! You will be able to enjoy the winter vibes without getting really cold as the summer always got your back. Apart from the interesting weather, the whole of Spain looks totally splendid in the December vibes!

Yes, December is a good time to visit Madrid. The December days in Madrid are pretty chilly but sunny. The temperature falls lower in the evening to an average of 2 degree Celsius.

If you are feeling the effects of winter and seek some sun, or maybe you want to take your family on an unforgettable skiing holiday, o ne of the most special times to holiday in Spain is December.

Spain is a Catholic country rich in tradition, so December is a busy month. The cities dress up in Christmas lights, and Christmas markets open in almost every town. People go hunting for gifts, and everybody is talking about parties and dinners.

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Beside this, Should I go to Spain in December?
Response to this: Is it okay to travel to Spain in December? Absolutely! December is a magical time to visit Spain, and many parts of the country have mild weather and thin crowds.

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Which part of Spain is best to visit in December? If you are spending your December in Spain, Madrid is the city which is among the best places to visit in Spain in winter and will bring you closer to the culture of Spain. The city is lit up in a festive mood and holds famous festivals like Three Kings Day Parade and more.

Is it worth visiting Spain in winter? Spain in winter. Winter, which officially starts around 21 December and ends around 21 March, is a great time to travel to Spain for many reasons. For one thing, you can enjoy everything you love about winter, but it’s usually sunny, with milder temperatures than most of Europe and not much rain.

What is Spain like in December? Response: December is one of the coldest months of the year with an average temperature high of 11°C with lows of 6°C at night. It has one less hour of sunlight than November, but you’ll still get nine hours of beautiful sunshine per day. The amount of rain you see depends on where you visit.

Should you visit Spain in December? The reply will be: If you visit Spain in December, you should get a ticket for yourself and join the fun. Water Sports In Spain: It Is Time To Unleash Your Inner Water Baby! If you are in Madrid, layer yourself with several clothes as it is quite cold. Pack your bag with sunblock, umbrella, etc. as the winter sun shines brightly.

Just so, Why should you visit Spain in the winter?
Response: There are countless reasons why you should visit Spain in the winter, not only including thatthe weather is (generally) warmer than elsewhere in Europe and the tourist crowds are at a low. However, these are still particularly good reasons to visit.

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Similarly, Should you visit Spain in January? Answer: Spain is also warmer than most of Europe in the winter months, and while certain areas can be chilly,it is altogether nicer to spend January in Southern Spain than January in Southern England. Even Spain in December doesn’t see as many tourists as other European nations, where visitors flock to experience the snowy weather and Christmas markets.

Also to know is, Is Canary Island a must-visit in Spain in December? As a response to this: Canary Island is a must-visit in Spain in December if you need to escape from the cold. Interestingly, the Canary Islands has become one of the famous places in Spain, especially to visit in the winter days as the weather here is warmer. So, if you are looking for some sunny days in December, Canary Island should ultimately be your pick.

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