Query from you: why do Barcelona hate Espanyol?

Barcelona and Espanyol have a long-standing rivalry due to historical, cultural, and geographical differences between the two clubs and their respective fan bases.

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Barcelona and Espanyol have a deep-seated animosity towards each other that spans decades. The rivalry between the two clubs dates back to the early 20th century and has been fueled by historical, cultural, and geographical differences between them.

Barcelona is more than just a football club, it represents the Catalan culture and national identity. To quote the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, “Barça is more than a club, it is an identity.” In contrast, Espanyol has traditionally been associated with a more Spanish identity. This stark contrast in cultural identity has played a significant role in the rivalry between the two clubs.

Moreover, the geographical proximity of the two teams has only exacerbated the rivalry. Catalonia is a small region, and Barcelona and Espanyol are both located in the same city. The comments made by both team’s fans only further fuel the animosity.

Interesting facts about the rivalry:

  • The rivalry between the two clubs is one of the oldest in Spain, dating back over 100 years.
  • In 1957, during a Copa del Rey match, Espanyol fans chanted songs supporting General Franco, which infuriated Barcelona fans, who were staunch supporters of Catalan national identity.
  • In 1980, Barcelona won 3-0 in a cup match, and Espanyol fans began throwing objects onto the pitch. Barcelona was subsequently awarded the victory.
  • The two clubs have met over 160 times in their history, with Barcelona winning over 100 times. Espanyol, on the other hand, has won around 30 times.
  • The rivalry between the two clubs has even spilled over into politics. Pro-independence Catalan parties are often affiliated with Barcelona, while pro-Spanish parties have been known to support Espanyol.
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To better understand the difference between Barcelona and Espanyol, a table is provided below:

Barcelona Espanyol
Represents Catalan culture and national identity Traditionally associated with a more Spanish identity
Located in central Barcelona Located on the outskirts of Barcelona (Cornella de Llobregat)
More domestic and international titles won Has fewer domestic and international titles
Supporters often associated with pro-independence Catalan parties Supporters often associated with pro-Spanish parties

In conclusion, the rivalry between Barcelona and Espanyol is not merely about football. It is about culture, politics, and identity, and it has been ongoing for over a century. The two clubs’ proximity and history have only served to deepen the animosity between them.

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The video discusses the shocking event that occurred after Barcelona’s La Liga match against Espanyol, where Espanyol fans chased Barcelona players from the pitch during their title celebrations. The speaker expresses disbelief at the behavior of the fans and questions how they were able to get past security. The speaker emphasizes that this behavior is completely unacceptable and encourages viewers to share their thoughts on the incident in the comments.

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Why Barcelona and Espanyol are rivals?

The response is: Rivalry. In the first half of the 20th century during the Miguel Primo de Rivera dictatorship (1923–1930), FC Barcelona was the embodiment of the oppressed Catalan sentiment, in stark contrast to RCD Espanyol which cultivated a kind of compliance to the central authority.

What happened between Barcelona and Espanyol?

Response to this: Dominant Barcelona beat Espanyol to win 27th LaLiga title
Barcelona claimed their 27th LaLiga title and first for four years on Sunday after two first-half goals from Robert Lewandowski spurred them to a comfortable 4-2 victory over city rivals Espanyol.

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Are Barca and Espanyol rivals?

In La Liga, Barça are currently on their longest ever unbeaten run against their local rivals, an amazing 25 derbies. In that time, Barça have scored 59 goals, and Espanyol just eight.

Why does barca have Espanyol?

The reply will be: Espanyol was founded by Angel Rodriguez Ruiz, a student at the nearby University of Barcelona. Rodriguez named the new club Sociedad Espanola de Football, in order to differentiate it from other Barcelona teams that were dominated by foreigners.

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