Is spanish fly safe?

No, Spanish Fly is not safe. It contains a toxic substance and can cause serious health problems, including death.

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Spanish Fly, a supposed aphrodisiac made from the blister beetle, is not safe. It contains a toxic substance called cantharidin, which can cause serious health problems, including death. According to Healthline, “Cantharidin irritates the lining of the urinary tract. This can cause swelling, leading to difficulty urinating. In more severe cases, blood may appear in your urine. Cantharidin can also lead to abdominal pain, vomiting, and painful erections. The symptoms can be deadly if not treated.”

There is no scientific evidence to support the claims that Spanish Fly is an effective aphrodisiac. Famous writer and philosopher, Albert Camus, even warned about the dangers of using it in his book “The Fall”, stating, “Fifty milligrams of cantharidin, a poison which acts as a violent irritant on the urogenital tract, causing bloody discharge and inflammation, do these recollections retain for you their fantastic attraction?…Doesn’t the harmony of the general design demand that what was stupid in the sheep become criminal in the man?”

Interesting facts about Spanish Fly:

  • The name “Spanish Fly” is actually a misnomer, as the beetle used to make the aphrodisiac is not exclusive to Spain and can be found in other parts of the world.
  • The use of Spanish Fly as an aphrodisiac dates back to Ancient Rome, where it was consumed in small doses for its supposed stimulating effects.
  • Cantharidin is also used in some wart removal products, but in much lower concentrations than what is found in Spanish Fly.
  • Despite its dangers, Spanish Fly is still marketed as an aphrodisiac in some parts of the world, leading to instances of poisoning and even death.
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Here is a table comparing the potential benefits and dangers of Spanish Fly:

Benefits Dangers
Spanish Fly as an aphrodisiac None scientifically proven Cantharidin toxicity, difficulty urinating, blood in urine, abdominal pain, vomiting, erections
Cantharidin in wart removal Can help remove warts Skin irritation, blistering, pain, scarring

In the YouTube video “Does Spanish Fly Pro Really Work?”, the speaker shares her personal experience with the sexual enhancement product Spanish Fly Pro. She mentions that it is discreet and FDA-approved and recommends adding five drops to a drink. The speaker felt a little extra energy the first time she tried it and had an even better experience the second time, leading her to believe it enhanced her sexual experience. She plans to have her partner try it on Valentine’s Day. The video concludes with the YouTuber joking about someone asking about a Spanish Fly product and wishing her viewers a happy Valentine’s Day while encouraging them to subscribe to her channel.

There are several ways to resolve your query

Put simply, authentic Spanish fly isn’t something you or your partner want to consume, no matter what potential you’ve read about. It’s a hazardous substance and cases of poisoning can happen in rare circumstances — which could have serious consequences.

Technically, no: again, Spanish fly is toxic to humans and can cause death. Even the presence of a small percentage of it in a product can potentially cause the side effects we listed above.

In the long term, you will be unsatisfied. Spanish Fly Pro Side effects As far as I’m aware, this is one of the most dangerous sexual formula products available today. It is completely unsafe, and you should only use it if you are prepared to endure major adverse effects.

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What is the risk of Spanish fly?

Response will be: Since then, the potential dangers of using Spanish fly have been well documented and include: painful urination. blood in urine. vomiting blood.

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Response will be: Spanish fly, also known as cantharides, is an unapproved drug that is sold illegally as a purported aphrodisiac, the FDA noted.

What is Spanish fly drug used for?

"Spanish Fly" is a curious name for an extract of blister beetles since the beetles are not flies, nor are they Spanish. The extract contains cantharidin, a substance that supposedly increases sexual desire. Not only does it not do that, it may eliminate all desire permanently. When ingested, cantharidin can kill.

Is Spanish fly a real thing?

Response: The Spanish fly (Lytta vesicatoria) is an aposematic emerald-green beetle in the blister beetle family (Meloidae). It is distributed across Eurasia. The species and others in its family were used in traditional apothecary preparations as "Cantharides".

Is old Spanish Fly safe?

Those that claim Old Spanish Fly is safe are using extremely small doses. When it was applied externally to the genitals, the worst that might happen was a rash of painful blisters on parts best left unblistered. After a while the pain and the sores disappeared. If the Old Spanish Fly is taken internally, resulting in more serious side-effects.

Is Spanish Fly poisonous?

Spanish fly. Several studies have shown that this can be possibly deadly. Spanish fly comes from the blister beetle and contains a poison called cantharidin. It can cause kidney damage, genital and gastrointestinal bleeding, and burning in the mouth, among other things. Mad honey. Honey has been used as folk medicine for thousands of years.

Is Spanish Fly a real thing?

In reality, most products sold as Spanish fly contain little more than water, sugar, and empty promises. The ingredient Spanish fly is named after is actually quite potent — though not in the way you’d hope. Where does it come from? True Spanish fly is made from blister beetles, specifically the substance produced by the beetles called cantharidin.

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What happens if you take a small dose of Spanish Fly?

As a response to this: In small doses, it’s purported to provide the user with feelings of warmth and, shall we say, engorgement. But these doses had to be ridiculously small: go a milligram over the safe dosage, and the Spanish Fly can cause a wide variety of extremely unpleasant side effects and can even result in death.

Are Spanish Fly Products safe?

As a response to this: The fact is, there are much stronger and safer Spanish fly products on the market today. Unfortunately, it’s tough to know which products really work and which brands you can trust. With so many products out there, it can be hard to make the right choice. Choosing a bad product will cost you money, time, and in the worst-case scenario, your health.

Is Spanish Fly a real thing?

The answer is: In reality, most products sold as Spanish fly contain little more than water, sugar, and empty promises. The ingredient Spanish fly is named after is actually quite potent — though not in the way you’d hope. Where does it come from? True Spanish fly is made from blister beetles, specifically the substance produced by the beetles called cantharidin.

Does Spanish Fly Pro work?

The formula consists of a list of compounds that have been claimed to enhance libido in one way or another. Some of the ingredients help with general sexual function. So it’s safe to say that Spanish Fly Pro is supposed to work like most common male enhancement products.

Can Spanish Fly kill you?

As an answer to this: Along with long-lasting erections, Spanish fly was found to cause a number of serious side effects, including death. Yes, even death, as Marquis de Sade tragically discovered in 1772 after giving sweet aniseed balls laced with Spanish fly to prostitutes who ended up dying horrible deaths from it.

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