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The meaning of the Spanish word “regular” is “normal” or “average”.

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The meaning of the Spanish word “regular” goes beyond just “normal” or “average”. As language is all about context, “regular” can also mean “okay”, “so-so”, or “fair”. According to the Royal Spanish Academy, “regular” means “ordinary, usual, without any prominence or special features”. So, it’s not just about being in the middle, it could also be described as something that lacks distinction or uniqueness.

Interestingly, the word “regular” comes from the Latin word “regulāris”, which means “belonging to a rule or regulation”. This word has been present in Spanish since the 15th century.

Also, in some Latin American countries like Argentina, Bolivia, and Uruguay, “regular” can sometimes be used as a way to describe something as bad or negative. For example, someone could say “la película fue regular” to mean that the movie was just okay or not very good.

To better understand the concept of “regular” in Spanish, here’s a table that shows other synonyms and antonyms:

Synonyms Antonyms
Normal Extraño
Común Raro
Habitual Excepcional
Promedio Sobresaliente

As the famous Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes said, “El hablar cuanto se debe y cuanto se sabe, y no más, es señal de prudencia” (“To speak what one ought, and not more, is a sign of prudence”). In other words, using “regular” in the right context and with the right meaning shows not only understanding of the Spanish language, but also a certain degree of wisdom.

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If you ask someone how they are in Spanish they may reply with the single word regular: ¿Cómo te encuentras? – Regular How are you? – So-so. In this use, regular means ‘ok’ but not exceptional.

Spanish Translation. regular. More Spanish words for regular. el regular noun. normal, moderate, medium, middling, tolerable. ordinario adjective. ordinary, normal, common, usual, coarse.

regular. transitive verb. 1 (ajustar) to regulate; control; [+ley] to govern; [+tráfico, precio] to control; 2 (Mecánica) to adjust; regulate; [+reloj] to put right; [+despertador] to set. 3 (México) (calcular) to calculate. Collins Complete Spanish Electronic Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers 2011.

What does regular mean in Spanish? English Translation. regular. More meanings for regular. regular noun. ordinario, cliente habitual, parroquiano, normal, gasolina normal, habitual, soldado de línea, constante, corriente. regulate verb.

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What is the root word of regular?

Response will be: The word regular comes from the Latin regularis, "continuing rules for guidance," which in turn has its roots in regula, or "rule."

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What does a regular person mean?

Response to this: If you describe a man as a regular guy, you mean that he is an ordinary, likable person: He wanted to prove he was a regular guy by going fishing.

What is regular in English language?

[ reg-yuh-ler ] show ipa. See synonyms for: regularregulars on adjective. usual; normal; customary: To stay tidy, always put things back in their regular place immediately.

What is the Spanish word for meaning?

In reply to that: [ˈmiːnɪŋ ] 1. (= sense) [of word] significado m ⧫ acepción f.

What does regular mean in Spanish?

The response is: What does regular mean in Spanish? regular. English Translation. #N#regular. More meanings for regular. regular noun. #N#. cliente habitual, ordinario, normal, parroquiano, habitual, gasolina normal, soldado de línea, constante, corriente. regulate verb.

Which Spanish verbs are regular in present tense?

The answer is: There are a number of Spanish verbs which are regular in the present tense in all but the first person singular. These are known as "g verbs" or "yo go verbs" because the first person singular requires an unexpected g and the conjugation then ends in -go.

Is talk a regular verb?

A regular verb, noun, or adjective follows the usual rules in the structure of its various forms. "Talk" is a regular verb but "be" is not. "Talk" es un verbo regular, pero "be" no lo es. Main verbs have three basic forms: the base form, the past form and the -ed form (sometimes called the ‘-ed participle’): …

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