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Kayaking and Canoeing

Kayaking and Canoeing, An opportunity to take in the impressive views of the surrounding Vega Baga mountains from the clear, blue waters of the 'Embalse de la Pedrera'.

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Benidorm Activities In Benidorm Things To Do In Benidorm

Excursions in Benidorm, Alicante

There are tons of activities for those looking for an exciting experience in the popular resort town of Benidorm in Spain. People who are on their Benidorm holidays can choose from a variety of options on how best to enjoy their getaways. You can either opt to while away your time sunning yourself on Benidorm's three major beaches, shop till you drop at the city's array of shopping malls or even spend the day on exciting thrill rides at any of the four theme parks in the vicinity.

Benidorm´s beaches and selection of amenities explain why has it has become Costa Blanca´s main tourist town. Benidorm has some of the best beaches in the world. The clean fine sand and the quality of the services and the transparency of the water are the main reasons given by Benidorm´s many visitors.

Playa de Levante Benidorm, where most tourists gather, is about 2 km from the centre of the old town, the Sierra Gelada and Ricón de Loix. The Playa de Poniente is on the edges of the old town centre, near the Finestrat cove.

The Playa de Poniente is like the Playa de Levante, though it is a lot quieter. There is a cave between the Playa de Poniente and the old town, known as the Playa del Mal Pas, which can be reached by the port or from stairs that descend from the castle.

The historical centre is found near the Canfali vantage point, which is the most emblematic image of Benidorm with a white stone balcony and a vantage point. The church dedicated to St James the Apostle can also be found in this area.

The Levante beach can be reached from the Plaza del Castillo either by walking down through the beautiful narrow white streets, or through the town’s main commercial district. Benidorm´s impressive commercial shopping centre is located around the Plaza Triangular, the calle Martínez Alejos, Gambo, Dr. Perez Llorca. There is a very interesting walk that starts from the town hall and then runs parallel to the Playa de Levante by the side of Avenida de Alcoy and Avenida Madrid, this area is one of Benidorm´s most popular night spots.

Benidorm´s main attraction is the variety of its leisure amenities, with a wide range of activities for both foreign and national tourists, children, teenagers and pensioners. All activities are catered for: gastronomy, music, culture, excursions through the region and cinema. Please see Benidorm Activities for more details.

Walks can also be taken in the Parque de Elche, excursions to the Sierra Gelada, you can go swimming from some of the best beaches in the Costa Blanca (Alicante), go to the cinema, visit the Aquatic Parks, eat and drink in restaurants in Benidorm, and practice sports such as sailing and diving and also enjoy the fantastic nightlife.

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